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What if the whole world turns dark and the entire internet goes away? Will you miss those precious pictures; you took of your loved ones. Yes, but there is a solution, i. e Chatbooks, a smartphone application for photo books that is related to your physical world. Chatbooks was featured in Forbes, Buzzfeed, TechCrunch and US Weekly for its amazing services to its customers. For $8 they send you a nice colored photo book at your door step with photos of your choice and photos you posted on your social media.
If you are not a social media person and have the pictures on your phone, Chatbooks can simply create a photo book of those pictures as well, all you have to do is install the application on your smartphone and voila!

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Social Media in Photo Books

Chatbooks is a mobile application that works like a charm, you simply add all your social media accounts in like Facebook, Instagram and after every 60 photos you post there, you get a physical book on your door step.

Important Features

The quality of photo books is great. They have unique designs label with captions, dates, and locations so you can save these memories of vacations and holidays. Placing these photo books on your table will not only enhance the décor, but you will have your lovely memories always saved. Also, you can pay few bucks extra for hardcovers or you can have bonus pages and much more.

Where to find it?

Either click here to get to Chatbooks website or you can also find it in App Store of your smartphone. The application runs on IOS and Android. And all you have to do is install it. Its interface is simple, and it takes less than a minute to start a series for long time.

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