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Best Flea Spray For Your Scratchy Pet

Which is the best flea spray for your pet? There are many effective products for fleas and dust mites and ‘Bob Martin Clear Home Flea Spray Plus’ is among the top products that are effective and harmless to you and your pets. If you are sneezing, and your dog is scratching its belly all the time, it’s because your house has become the home for pests. And the common enemies of your pet and you are dust mites and fleas.

Lice and fleas

It’s a common misunderstanding that lice and fleas are same. The thing is they are not, lice are made for human, and they do not effect dogs and cat. On the other hand flea infestation can be confused for a lice infestation. They affect pets and present everywhere and they infest homes and yards quickly.

A flea spray is what you need to get rid of its infestation. Your pet and you can live peacefully without scratching all the time. Bob Martin Home Flea Spray is a great product that can help you get rid of flea infestation in no time and you don’t have to worry about flea infestation for up to 3 months. This spray also stops flea’s eggs and larvae developing for up to a year.

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Dust Mites

Another terrible infestation that affect human and pets both are dust mites. If you cannot find the cause of your allergy than maybe dust mite is the reason. These tiny creatures are almost invisible to the naked eye but they are there. Bob Martin Home Flea Spray Plus is a formula that stops dust mites to infest the house, and you can buy from Petsathome.

Some feature of this spray

  • Breaks the flea and dust mite life cycle
  • Kills fleas and its eggs for 3 months and stops its development for a year.
  • Kills house dust mites and its eggs immediately.

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