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Pet Assure

Keeping Your Pet’s Future Safe

This is not an insurance plan for your pet but similar to the insurance since it provides discounts on all medical service charges. By signing up for Pet Assure program you can avail discounts for all pet conditions. Pet Assure is a country’s largest veterinary discount program to reduce entire medical services fee of your pet. This is the best safeguard for your pet. All you have to do is show the card to veterinary center and avail discounts on medical services like routine care, dental cleanings, cancer care, surgical procedures, tumor removal, parasite screenings, ultrasound, wellness visits and more.
Do you know? Simply removing a tooth from your dog can cost you more than $500 bucks.

How does This work?

To find the vet who can offer you discount for Pet Assure card, simply log in to the site and enter the zip code of your city. You will get the list of all vets who can offer you a price cut. There are no hidden charges or policies and all pets are included in this plan.

How To Get Started With Pet Assure?

As mentioned above, you can start receiving discounts on the moment you sign up. You can print the temporary discount card from the website or you can wait 1-10 business days to receive your Pet Assure card. Show it to your vet and get more than 25% discount on all medical services. If you have any questions and inquiries, you can read FAQs or email the site to get the pricing and additional information.

How go buy Pet Assure plan?

To visit Pet Assure, click here and start receiving special attention to your pet. It is an affordable, yearly plan and works at almost all good veterinary centers for all kinds of pets.

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