Why Custom Stuffed Animals Are Awesome?

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Custom Stuffed Animals

Custom Stuffed Animals: An Awesome Idea!

Custom Stuffed Animals trend has taken the internet by storm and it is getting popular every day. The concept is to make an identical twin of your pet so you always keep him with you even when he is not around anymore. ‘Twin?’ of course this company is not playing with nature and creating clones of your animal in laboratories instead they are doing something better. They are a team of skilled designers who can create a stuffed animal that looks exactly like your pet. Their idea got recognized all over the world mainly through Instagram and Facebook. People love to see the identical stuffed twin of their pet. Especially those people who have pictures of their long gone pet, now they can relive the memory by holding them in their hands.

My Petsies is for:

  • People who love their pets
  • People who have lost a beloved pet
  • People who miss their a past pet
  • People who want to give the best gift to their pet lover friends and family

About My Petsies

My Petsies is based in South Florida and working since 2013. They have created over 45000 custom plush Custom Stuffed Animals which are loved by many people all over the world.  Buzzfeed and Shark Tank also featured their products on their blogs. Products are made from premium polyester furs with airbrushing to capture all details. It takes a hard work to create the masterpiece and some time as well.  Furthermore, the company will update their customers throughout the entire design sewing process.

How to Order Your Stuffed Animal?

All you have to do is email the team with pictures or hand drawings of your pet and with no time you will have a cute huggable Custom Stuffed Animal at your doorstep. To access the store, click here and order your lovely animal at a decent price.

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