DIY: How to Make a Puzzle for Your Cat


Photos by: Kirsten Peek/Petful

My fiancé’s cat, Wiggly, can turn anything into a game.

He’s an active young cat, so I decided to make him a contraption that would keep him entertained for some solo play. I used items from around the house, and he couldn’t wait to investigate.

Follow these steps to get your cat playing.


  1. Scissors
  2. Tupperware container
  3. Cat bell ball toys or other rolling toys


1. Pick your filler items.

I opted for a noisemaker: plastic balls with a bell in the center.

You can also use balls that don’t have noisemakers, or even tiny tennis or pingpong balls. My pets tend to be most attracted to items that make a lot of noise, but if the purpose of this toy is solo play while you sleep at night, choose carefully.

2. Cut shapes into the lid of your container.

Be careful not to make the cutouts sharp or too small. Ideally, the holes will be large enough for your cat to safely get their paws out without getting stuck, but too small for the toys to fall out.

3. Add your filler items.

Add the toys to the container and close the lid. If you want to go the extra mile, you can add a sprinkle of catnip into the container. Wiggly went right for the new toy, no help from catnip needed!

Little toys for your cat can quickly add up and often lose your cat’s interest just as quickly. By getting creative and giving your cat new ways to enjoy toys, you can stop those items from going to waste.

Note: Always supervise your pets when using homemade toys or clothing.

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