Duck Wearing a Bow Tie Gets in Bar Brawl With Dog

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Star “loves to come to the pub” and drink, says Barrie Hayman. By: Svetoslav Sokolov

Barrie Hayman, who lives in England, got a duck from an incubator 4 years ago, and now he and Star are almost inseparable.

As a chick, Star accompanied Hayman everywhere he went, with his little head peeking out from his human’s shirt pocket.

As the duck grew, he could be found waddling by Hayman’s side, which he still does today. One of their favorite hangouts is a local pub — where both of them drink beer. (This doesn’t sound like a very good idea to me.) Star wears a bow tie and entertains the other patrons with his antics.

During a recent pub visit, Star didn’t get treated well by the family dog, Meggie, who was also there. Apparently, the dog had seen enough of the duck’s drunken capers and jumped on him, splitting the bottom of his beak right down the middle.

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Luckily for Star, his injuries will heal with time, and he will most likely be bar-hopping once again.

“I’ve not trained him to follow me,” Hayman says of his pet duck. “He loves to come to the pub where everyone loves him.”

Sources: Huffington Post, The Scotsman

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