Heartgard Chewables For Heartworms

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Safeguard From Heart Worms Hook Worms

So your pet got heartworms? Heart worms cause soft, dry cough. It is a sign that parasites are making their way to the lungs. Once in lungs, these parasites start multiplying in the organ and cover veins which cause inactivity, weight loss, rapid or difficult breathing, bulging chest, and death. These parasites are deadly. They should be treated before they make their way inside. Heartworm and hookworms are commonly spread by mosquitos. Keep your pet away from mosquitos in humid or rainy season and always keep an eye on symptoms for parasites. Heartworms are still rare, but flea and ticks are everywhere. They are the reason behind all deadly diseases. And Heartgard Chewables can help.

Heartgard Chewables Benefits

Heartgard Chewables

Your vet may advise you to treat your pet with Heartgard Chewable for Cats and Heartgard Chewables for dogs. Both are different products but effects are same.
Heartgard is once-a-month oral pet med for cats and dogs. It has heartworm preventive and intestinal wormer qualities. These chewable kill the young heartworms so they never have the chance to grow.

Here are some more benefits.

  • Safe to use in pregnant and nursing cats
    Easy to feed, contain tasty flavor.
    Highly effective,
    Available for different pet sizes

Order It Online

Order it today and get it on your doorstep in few working days. Keep that in mind heartworms are a serious issue and early treatment is necessary or it gets deadly. Click here to visit their manufacturer’s site where you can purchase Heartgard Chewables for very low price. There is no generic equivalent available for this product. Gives Heartgard Chewables only if your dog or cat is over the age of 6 weeks. This medication must be given monthly, for the whole year, especially in mosquito season.

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