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World of Ultra Realistic Virtual Screen Savers

Those Windows 98 days, many of us were used to love those screen screensaver. Seem like days are long gone when people use screensaver when not using their computers. Now, all we see is a boring login screen. You can relive those memories with the 21st-century twist. Yes, we are talking about virtual screensaver with unsurpassed realism. And what can be more refreshing than a virtual aquarium? Many of you already know about these since they got kind of trendy. And now there are a dozen types of virtual aquariums on the internet. But if we talk about the most realist aquarium, dream aquarium is the best out there. You can try their free demo to check it out yourself.

What to Expect From a Virtual Aquarium?

It is just like a real aquarium but fish are not real, instead, they are 100% computer generated. But that doesn’t stop them to act like real fish. They will eat food, poop, chase each other, swim among plants and do all of the fish stuff. Dream Aquarium is a place you can find on the internet or you can click here for quick access. Their virtual aquarium is really amazing and utmost realistic.

Following Are Some Features of Virtual Aquarium by Dream Aquarium
• Contains well over hundred fish from 27 species with configuration settings to change it up to your likes
• Widescreen, ultra-realistic with multi-monitor support
• Screensaver plays smoothly and unlike other heavy size screensavers the software is completely lightweight
• Other features include shifting lights rays, ground ripples, soft shadows cast by fish and plants, auto or manual feeding, bubbles and much more.
• Fish have an individual personality, moving eyes, gills, and mouth.
• There is also an adorable fiddler crab that chases after fish and cleans the bottom of the aquarium.


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