Importance of Dog Guards

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Dog Guards

Keeping your dog and yourself safe

Do you love traveling with your dog in the car? Many of us don’t realize how annoying and risky it is for you and for your dog. Research shows a 30 kg unrestrained dog could exert up to 2100kg of weight forward in event of car accident. Your dog must be contained when driving because sometimes your dog can become stressed or excited. It is a wise idea to fit dog guard to stay away from any future risks. Fitting dog guard in your car is a right way of traveling with your dog. Just like seat belts are made for humans, dog guards help your pets stay confined in place safely. Many countries have a law that requires some restraining equipment to be fit in your car if traveling with the pet.

Good To Know
Do you know? Not only dogs, there are many things to be restrained like tools, shopping items, luggage, and pushcarts. Or they can to devastating damage in event of car accident.

DIY Dog Guards

Many people avoid dog guards, dividers, boot mats or bumper protectors. They think it is a hard work and it requires special tools. It is but there is a solution. Not all dog guards need drillings and welding. DogGuardRus is an online store which offers great dog guards that are easy to fit and really effective. You can DIY them in any car in few minutes.

How to buy dog guards and more?

At DogGuardRus you can find any type of dog guard and other safety equipment, all is which made with great care. From search filters, you can find the right product for your dog. You can access dog guard online shop by clicking here. Visit today and avail great discounts and quick delivery.

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