Peacebone’s Jumbo Bully Sticks For Dental Health


You need to clean your teeth every day, more than once. If you have to take care of your teeth that much, ever wonder how much your dog needs cleaner teeth? A toothache and mouth diseases are common in dogs caused by plaque and tartar. Furthermore, thousands of dogs die every year due to lack of dental hygiene. I am sure you must have used dental chews or toothbrush for your dog. The problem is many of them are not worth trusting. You need something natural and safe. Peacebone’s Jumbo Bully Sticks is just what you need. From a famous online shop who deals with all kinds of dental and oral medication for pets.

Why Peacebone’s Jumbo Bully Sticks?

100% buffalo pizzle, Peacebone’s Jumbo Bully Sticks is made from all natural grass fed buffalo and highly palatable and provides multiple benefits. Nutrients are a part of this natural product but aside from proteins this chewable massage the gums and teeth and promote dental health. Other chewable in markets are usually made in China, and you cannot guarantee their quality. You need chewable that are effective and good for your dog’s health. Furthermore, peacebone’s Jumbo Bully Sticks is recommended for dogs of all ages and sizes.


High in protein and low in fat.Although it is yummy it still last long and contains 20 pieces in one single pack. Furthermore, it promotes teeth and gum health and life expectancy.

Get Peacebone’s Jumbo Bully Sticks Online

Visit PeaceBonePet by clicking here. This will lead to manufacturer’s site. For $35 USD you can get the product on your doorstep in two working days. Furthermore, one single pack contains 20 chewable pieces. It is a tested product, have many users and it is sourced in the USA. This product is only for Dog, although you can many products for cats as well.

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