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Original Stick-On Stickers Labels

Why order Stick-On Stickers Labels when you can get them from any stationary shop? Maybe because the quality of stickers you can get from Easy2Name is very high and they are custom made as per customer wishes with their text. No matter who you are, a student, mother, grocery store owner, scientist or a hostel resident. Furthermore You may need to label things, and gluing paper on objects is not a good idea all the time.Stick-On Stickers


Although they have many other collections of stickers but Stick on Name Labels are the best. Furthermore these stickers are the quickest way to label belongings. The reason many people like to stick on name labels because these stickers stay stuck even through anything. From Dishwasher, Steriliser to Microwave. Personally, I use these stickers to label my laboratory equipment, but you can use them as you like. These are the common items you can use to stick on name stickers.
water bottles,
mobile phones,
Glasses Cases…
And any non-fabric items that are clean and dry.

Some More Features

Furthermore for house items to work related tasks, these stickers can help for any task you think of. Also Company offer stickers for clothes. they usually dispatched stickers of your choice within 1 working day. Available in different sizes, colors, shapes with fairly low prices. It cost £3.95 for 20 sticker collection to 100 sticker bundle which cost £16.95 due to their good quality.

How To Order?

Furthermore if you don’t like Stick-On Stickers and need something that sticks permanently, you can always order EasyStamp. Just stamp on anything that you want to label on. Different motifs and lettering to choose from.
Each stamp can be used 900 times and it is ideal for underwear and white socks and paper.

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