SurpriseMyPet: Supplies Box For Your Dog


What Is SurpriseMyPet Is All About?

Sometimes life gets really boring for your pet as well. Same routines, same weekends, same dog walks can make your bit frustrated. Make every month; like christmas with a SurpriseMyPet subscription box. Every month, they will deliver you a box for your dog containing a lot of goodies and treats on your doorstep. Box usually contain dogs essential supplies and treats and chews and some surprises. Treats and chews are not made in China and they are inspected to assure they are healthy and safe for your dog.

How to Sign Up For This Goodie Bag?

You can subscribe for this treat box for your dog or send as a gift to your loved ones. Every month your dog will wait for the goodies. They are full of happy things that make dogs active and healthy. As the box name says, it is all about surprise, so every time you receive this goodies bag, you will find something new. Furthermore, signing up for this surprise box is very easy, anyone can subscribe with few strokes of clicks.

What’s In It?


Dog supplies are different for dogs of different sizes when you sign up; you provide your dog and your address details. The best thing is, your money directly goes to charity for Animal Shelter. Each box costs around $30 USD for a large dog but there are many other subscription plans. Each item is packed with the highly specialized team, and if you are a cat person, there are goodies boxes for them as well. You can sign up for a SurpriseMyPet box by clicking here. Help your dog and all other dogs who don’t have any caretaker. Furthermore, the money directly goes to charity,  it is famous for providing shelter for homeless dogs and cats.

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